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Chyler says hello to you all!  We are sitting on set.  She is awesome, like the BFF you wish you had.

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2671 days ago

Chyler says hello to you all! We are sitting on set. She is awesome, like the BFF you wish you had.


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Martaaux 2010 days ago

I don´t know why, but I have a feeling that Chyler is a great, great person, I look at her and, a smile comes out...;)

MrsFarenheit 2634 days ago

Sorry 4 my typing skills. I meant HI , not I -.- Sorry !

MrsFarenheit 2634 days ago

Well, I Chyler.
Yes, I really wish I had a best friend like her.
I bet she's an amazing person. Oh, I'm so jealous of your picss !

_OldFashionGirl 2660 days ago

I bet she is! Such a beautiful person, indeed! I can say I agree with everyone who commented :)

ellenanatomy 2669 days ago

I love Chyler too !! She is great !!

Ambz_GA 2669 days ago

Ahh i love her, her and Eric on the show are awesome together, the best and cutest couple ever!!!

Legosteinchen 2669 days ago

aww, chyler is so cute. she and eric give a lovely cupple. i'm so glad you got her in show. her children can be proud to have a mum like her.

ryry567 2670 days ago

Hate eric and lexie together on the show ruins it!!!!!! SaRic forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

myshipsarelove 2670 days ago

Aww Chyler is adorable. Love her, love Lexie.

TheLewisEffect 2670 days ago

Her and Eric are so cute together. That was a great move coupling them up.

lasombra6 2670 days ago

i'm desperately in love with her since the first time i saw her.

Marilyn_Burford 2670 days ago

Is Chyler on Twitter?

talulala 2670 days ago

arwwww she's so adorable :)
I love Chyler..she was amazing in the SP ♥

EllenPPDempsey 2670 days ago

She's awesome..

flower_rain 2670 days ago

She's adorable. Thanks, Shonda!

slushie88 2671 days ago

awe!!! fun times! love the pics Shonda, thanks for sharing

MediaWatchinGal 2671 days ago


AngelAmyRF 2671 days ago

Hi Chyler! looks like "lexie" is getting ready for a trauma

ViniciusPessoni 2671 days ago

Really luv Lexie!!!! Regards from Brazil!!

katattak 2671 days ago

lexie is awesome! :) great bits by chyler in the premiere!