Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2562 days ago


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yeehawcountry 2460 days ago

is tht a smile i c? wow supprised as hell

kidzhottopics 2463 days ago

thats one sexy smile

BiEbErFaN_4_eva 2499 days ago

lol finally ur smiling!!!:)

ittybittytwit 2501 days ago

For once you're smiling! Half way at least... God and why are your pictures addictive to comment on?? I need to shut the hell up.

lego_mego 2518 days ago

and i thought my grandad's ancient camera was big

AmmieMartinez 2540 days ago

Love the show!!! Cant wait to watch the live event!!! =)

imaglassonion 2560 days ago

Stay safe!

NYCRedhead 2561 days ago


MWKvanessa 2561 days ago

OMG!! look so freaking hot! i love your smile! :)

StrawberryaYum 2561 days ago

Aww! You Look so Happy! I love it when you smile! Love your Style!

NYCRedhead 2562 days ago

My, that's a rather big lens you have...

joyy011 2562 days ago

Where is this?

MARISSALATELY 2562 days ago

honestly I thought johnny 5 was standing next to you zack. craaazy.

nikolew1 2562 days ago

What kind of camera is that? hi-tech.... u don't mess around do ya???

DebGACfan 2562 days ago

you look good in this pic zak, happy! Hope filming is going good!

pili74527 2562 days ago

You look happy and mellow here. Ghost hunting agrees with you.

jojo880 2562 days ago

Nice pic, really nice :)

alysonxxroneyxx 2562 days ago

nice camera, i think...... wish you guys could come to Georgia, fall has started here and its beautiful during the fall

KweenKim 2562 days ago

Cant wait to see this episode....

AndreaMachiniak 2562 days ago

u are so adorable Zak:)♥