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1830 days ago


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Vamparagon 1818 days ago


eduardoliveira1 1823 days ago

I think its a Porshe. Or a VW Beetle xP

LastArabian 1823 days ago

Whats a great WET morning XD

_Alethia 1825 days ago

I fell in love with the sky :)

AQWmedal 1825 days ago

nice sunset i wonder if it will be the back drop for a later area in akiba

killlah123c 1825 days ago

Yeah extreamly indestructabley pretty

killlah123c 1825 days ago

Lol pretty

phantomangel1 1829 days ago

oh the sunset isnt it nice IT MAKES ME WANT TO GET POETIC (did i spell that right)

doomxdoom 1829 days ago

judging from the picture quality i'll it was taken with a iphone 3gs, i wud know i have one lol

SkylineSV 1830 days ago

What kind of car does he drive? I'm curious. ":D

inmycontrol 1830 days ago

That was random.

LinkuSL 1830 days ago

cysero please don't give out the location of the secret under ground lab or it won't be a secret anymore!

ShadowAE 1830 days ago

Oh, wow!

Crystal_Lion 1830 days ago

Ooh, it's clear after rain.

Charlie_Pope 1830 days ago

i love the sky in this ^_^ and the moist ground doing a small amount of reflection is a plus

Brainfreez_AE 1830 days ago

lol couldnt say it bettuh maself.... that was wierd....

deidara517 1830 days ago

ok so if you look at the puddle in the picture and read the reflection up to a mirror u can see artixs plate number it says.J.K.L.O.L!

Bramman111_0001 1830 days ago

ahh, sometimes its nice to just take a break and look at the beautiful world around us... well, at least until the new ninja zone comes out XP

domen94 1830 days ago

nice hood!XD

Brainfreez_AE 1830 days ago

nah BMW or ford or nissan... no not ford.... hmm skyline maybe idk.... z3 4 or 5??? idk either a sport car or average like ford focus