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Peeps, help me look for one of these to buy. Anyone?

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2586 days ago

Peeps, help me look for one of these to buy. Anyone?


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Fathi_Haziq 2550 days ago

Found one. $27K for a R5 Turbo? Damn!

SanitiesMask 2552 days ago

I'd rather see you driving an XR4TI :)

misadventurer 2585 days ago

the more important question, can grunny fit in it? it looks tiny

ForestMaid 2586 days ago

does it come in red??

DoubleJ_MR 2586 days ago

Is that a gay car?

A5J4DX 2586 days ago

:o i dont like it sorry :P

juliebmolina 2586 days ago

This is FUG.

Nono86 2586 days ago

I'm French and i'd love an American car and you're American and you want a French car ??!!

AmboClaire 2586 days ago

hey Grunny. Found one but it's here in the UK. I'll bring it over if you like! haha In fact there's a few on same site :0)

misadventurer 2586 days ago

Grunny would be the only guy on the 405 with one of these

xpect16 2586 days ago

Renault 5 Turbo. Nice car...

brewers_rule 2586 days ago

Isn't that the same car NBC hawks during Heroes, the Cube? Probably cheaper @ least + saves environment too.

DCEFrance 2586 days ago

We have lots of those over here... in France.


khoyer44 2586 days ago

That is a really sweet looking car!! I could see you in one of those, that color too!