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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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2325 days ago


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joelymoleylife 2322 days ago

Watched the show amazing

soupEtwist 2325 days ago

damn i love ben miller. his performance on QI actually helped me on my physics pop quiz

A5J4DX 2325 days ago

awesome! go shakira and verne!

corey__ 2325 days ago

Graham Norton looks like an ass!

tizdoesart 2325 days ago

Maybe you have your arm round him to keep him from latching on to Shakira. Lucky that her breats are small and humble- so you don't confuse them with mountains?

MacTemp 2325 days ago

what a line-up

oli1983uk 2325 days ago

could not believe how small verne is when I saw him in the studio last night and Shakira was great on the show aswell.

maplusp 2325 days ago

How stunning is Shakira!

CrazyCGChick 2325 days ago

Looking fab. Loving the tie.

Kezzlesnezzle 2325 days ago cute is Verne! Great lineup:)x

THEREALPARKER 2325 days ago

wossy caught on camera with his "little fella" in his hands

ebonyJCotter 2325 days ago

How cute does Verne look!!! You could just put him in your pocket!!! So cute!!! You look cute too ;) x

realMichaelO 2325 days ago

What a fantastic line up! Can't wait to see it..

Louise_Bowman 2325 days ago

I love how you seem to be cuddling Verne like a proud parent!

danielm72 2325 days ago

I'm not so sure about the new cast for the remake of Time Bandits!

wrigleys_bextra 2325 days ago

why've you got you're arm around him when it seems more likely that you'd want to snuggle up to Shakira?

theedgeimages 2325 days ago

Great guest list.

AHisme 2325 days ago

Oh how much I love Graham Norton and his suits.

Mcflying_Kim 2325 days ago

This actually looks pretty camp :P