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If this picture is not clear you've had too much to drink. Goodnight from London!

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1918 days ago

If this picture is not clear you've had too much to drink. Goodnight from London!


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SophiaTara88 1917 days ago

LOL :) Is that a dark "Underground Market" in London? There's a definite glint in your eye & the dealers in the background look shady! Hope you had a great time whatever you were enjoying & I'm a teetotaller so peek-a-boo I can see you :)

aankitanupam 1918 days ago

finally i had drink

MagneticEffect 1918 days ago

In the dark or light your soul is shining, wonderful to have said hello. Sarah oxox

abloominglotus 1918 days ago

I love it!

breezyseaz 1918 days ago

Good Morning... hope you have a lovely day.

msanjay75 1918 days ago

isn't clarity in the eyes of the beholder as well ? ;) Any plans to visit bangalore?

honestnotes 1918 days ago

you rock !

PitaVillalvazo 1918 days ago

Zero drinks Profesor Chopra! It is only the way I look at things.
And good night from San Diego...Thank You for allowing me to visit your place in California and know you in person. (I am creating events to make them happen) I did learn that from you! :

PitaVillalvazo 1918 days ago

Hi Doctor Deepak...I've been listening today your audio book
"Ser Supremo" thanks you much much for your teachings
I love you Deepak! You, Dr. Louise Hay, and Saint Wayne are my Angels!
Lupita Villalvazo

elvertin 1918 days ago

Looks like a scene from Eyes Wide Shut

shahmaans 1918 days ago

Under a Sierra Sky THank YOu!

verina9 1918 days ago

we love you!!!

gabitamt 1918 days ago

When are you coming to southamerica???..regards...

CharDeloche 1918 days ago

Ha, ha, ha! :*?

SpiritedDaydrms 1918 days ago

Enjoy! :)

artyds 1918 days ago

...thus clarity comes from being completely empty of it ;)

jahickey 1918 days ago

Well, aren't you just the cutest!!! Nite!!

kitty_baroque 1918 days ago

you are awesome!

ChristinaVia 1918 days ago

I can see your Aura tooo... I wish you were in London in December giving a talk..I will be there in December .. Blessings of Joy to you x Christina

MinkPinkowitz 1918 days ago

This picture looks clear to me. ;)
Sweet dreams from Boston!