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I see political people... (Retweets do not imply endorsement.)

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Forcetask2 1944 days ago

Woody Allen wants his glasses back.

S1mplyC0mpl3x 2290 days ago

want. glasses. so full of win.

bridget_says 2290 days ago

I would totally go gay for you.

madlou 2414 days ago

you are just too cute! Wish I could convince my folks to listen to you instead of cretins @ Fox.

katewarren 2417 days ago

I love left-leaning, smart women in glasses

Doug_Dvojack 2575 days ago

Tell Mathews and Olberman it's over your number one on MSNBC

PiddlePaddler 2587 days ago

Cool! I'm in the same photo with Rachel... That's me, way in the back, on the right, in the first row in the shade... about an inch to the right (sorry!) of your (left) ear. If that's Sarasota....

mrdrae 2595 days ago

Wow that is really you. You should wear th glasses on the show. Looks good.

Bonapartess 2597 days ago

I love the whole natural look. The whole MSNBC didn't make me all up for tv look. Waaaay grrr.

jmacrusky 2605 days ago

Have been following you since Air America, then when you were a guest on Tucker's show. Love it that MSNBC saw your abilities and talents and gave you your own show. You are terrific, even my R labeled hubby enjoys watching you and we don't agree on anyt

volfly 2607 days ago

Girl...you R THE BEST! LOVE watching you nightly and hearing your brain in action. Illuminating the planet, one night at a time! Keep up the grand work!

dnldox 2613 days ago

Looks like Heaven to me Rachel! You Rock! Thanks for the best political education a girl could get every night!

cazorp68006 2618 days ago

The best looking news commentator on the air!! You go girl!!

NetiOne 2623 days ago

Make sure you wear sunscreen Rachel... Thanks for all that you do!

a_prentice 2625 days ago

Rachel, I have never held any interest in politics until your show! I absolutely love it!! Mom tivo's you religiously!!! Thank you for making this entertaining and informative.

djstone 2628 days ago

Thank you, Rachel. My life is enriched by your work and your presence.

Creationfilms 2628 days ago

You have become a must watch for us.

asproutabove 2629 days ago

Oh, by the way....I'm listening to Cory and you're right, it does rock!!!!

asproutabove 2629 days ago

Rachel, I was never in to politics until I watched you explain it in layman's terms....thanks for every night from 9-10! You DO rock.....you are real, don't ever let that side of you go! Keep it real!!!!!!

i208khonsu 2629 days ago

Wow! That is one massive nose!