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The moment we've all been waiting for....Ass Knuckles

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1761 days ago

The moment we've all been waiting for....Ass Knuckles


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BuggySkum 1538 days ago

You know, my dad sadly has a very similair tattoo. Except it's a fist, flipping off someone, with legs and arms. I asked him... "Dad, if it's already a hand, how can it have arms too?". And I've never really gotten a response to that...
To the girl belo

OoSerendipityoO 1672 days ago

not something you wanna see when you're eating nachos >.< but i guess it's . . . creative?

Dani_ography 1689 days ago

my boyfriend is now bugging the hell outta me for me to tattoo this on him....

laurenfatal 1707 days ago

oh my god yes

axe_princess 1723 days ago

umm frank....this is freakin scary

kate135 1730 days ago

Fucking ass, bye!!

kate135 1730 days ago

Piece of crap!I hate ya!!bi!!Gay ass!!bye!!

Karolyn_Killjoy 1730 days ago

It could be Davey Jones's ass :)

Aidenwilfrancis 1731 days ago


greertyson 1731 days ago


SRvocalist 1731 days ago

That ir wear xD

The0rasmussen 1731 days ago

*trying not to laugt* pfff....weird... Gross... Funny... HAHAHAHA!!!!

CarlyLaene 1744 days ago

i just...yes. this is good.

XxScreemzxX 1745 days ago

(EPIC FACEPALM) Im not gonna sleep for three weeks...

gorey 1746 days ago

You shoulda put "Love" on one cheek and "Hate" on the other.
Then it'd be Typical Ass Knuckles.

jaalavigilante 1747 days ago

Lol, wtf. how great is this?

sociallykilled 1747 days ago


hannahroxannem 1747 days ago


JaneleMystique 1748 days ago

I fucking have no words to describe how amazing this is, and how much that I wish I had ass knuckles.

xxDaytimemoonxx 1749 days ago

wow awesome pic! i love it!