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this picture shows our personalities to a T....

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2677 days ago

this picture shows our personalities to a T....


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sleeprun 2534 days ago

"how the heck did a BRUNETTE git in here!!??....Yuuuuk!....what beard?"

pepperwaynick 2546 days ago

This is so funny! I like this one!

CherylSarem 2557 days ago

Just saying, I would've freaked being in the same room as all of y'all OMG. AMAZING!

Lindolly 2557 days ago

You and Carrie could be the Aly&Aj of country music. xD

SamieTrimble 2560 days ago

That's Miranda!! Yay!!!

rfullmer 2576 days ago

nice photo! :)

Megan_Faver 2586 days ago

Jamey always looks sooo mean. I miss hearing that red truck of his pull up loud as hell in the middle of the night while my ex and I tried to sleep. (Ahhh...the stories).

gilcarvr 2617 days ago

jamie johnson is hawt

lexilynne97 2625 days ago

That is such a cute pic kellie I can't believe you met jamie Johnson

moJovi88 2627 days ago

There's 3 people I LOVE LOVE LOVE in this picture! (they're all in the middle) There's 1 person I JUST discovered that I CANNOT STAND and if this defines your personalities to a T, then it makes sense... she's on the far left thinking she's hot shit. She

DanisBiggestFan 2627 days ago

WOW, four of THE best women of country music in one pic.

HeatherCheyenne 2640 days ago

love carries dress but miranda lambert is my Girl!! love her... oh dont worry lol i love you tooo!

rfmdallas 2651 days ago

Jamey is one lucky man! Aren't these the prettiest women you've ever seen?

ChadC1985 2653 days ago

He's so goddamn ugly.

TheTaylorToland 2664 days ago

omg you miranda & leeann in the same room! Thats my top 3 idols!

nudememphis 2665 days ago

Isn't that one of those guys from the Geico caveman commercials?

cwil319 2665 days ago

Kellie, you gotta see it on you tube "Jamey johnson on 99x" FUNNY Stuff!! he is in on a prank

TanyaTFan 2665 days ago

Great picture..Love it!!

JimmysFanGirl 2665 days ago

hahaha loves it!

KymmieAnn 2665 days ago

LOVE you ladies! I would give anything to be in that mix!!!