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_signorina_ 2318 days ago

yugh >

howardsgirl0 2321 days ago

Sounds like has some serious mental issues!! Jealousy maybe?? Get a life!!!!

shannainseattle 2323 days ago

That same idiot posts horrible things on Demi Moore's twitter page too! Moron... has nothing to do but harrass others!

Uncle_Trav 2325 days ago

anyone else find this funny that this isnt jessicas twitpic page?

Suey37 2325 days ago

- I can only assume you are a very jealous person, get a life!!!!! OK so you're an ex hubby fan, whatever, get over it.

films09 2325 days ago

uhhhh I dont like

joannamorris 2326 days ago

why dont u just do us a favour and fuck off, noone cares what u think. Jessica is beautiful and she knows it!

chilindrina77 2327 days ago

HAHA Pamela the dumb ass....since when was a size 4 fat? I bet YOU are fat. Look back at her teen pics she's always had amazing full lips. Jealous? If you hate her so bad, why is it you follow her tweets???? Get a life...

MalachaiThorn 2327 days ago

well, i am from uganda and these are not scary! a spider is just one of those things that crawls around, get past it and smash it or let it go by!

chclteyez 2328 days ago

Hope all is wonderful wherever you are at. Stay away from spiders though......YUCK!

chclteyez 2328 days ago

Hey Jess, I hope all is well and if you are getting anymore stupid comments just look past them. The world will continue to have ignorant people in it no matter how much we wish they would just fade away. You know what they say, "Misery likes company" a

JennLuvsLove 2328 days ago

OMG! I would be screaming onto the next flight home!

MsJamieJ 2328 days ago

Hey ...I see you don't have a pic...probably as ugly on the outside as you obviously are on the inside to be saying such stupid stuff. U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi...YOU UGLY. Why don't you try being a better person on the inside and you migh

melbettis 2328 days ago

Aw! Why do people leave such mean comments? I love Jess, she's the best ever!! Bought two pairs of her shoes @ Nordstrom/Northpark when Daisy went missing just to try to do something to help.

pamelaa1 2329 days ago

he dont need u, your flabby fat ass, big nose, fake fish lips/trout pout, immaturity, fake bleached hair and Barbie and Ken BS. Daisy = coyote food!! Too bad it did not grab your useless waste of oxygen ass instead.

pamelaa1 2329 days ago

Daisy's in the belly of a coyote & has already been shit out of existence & is now fertilizer!That's how TR feels bout fat fug Jessica, YOU absolutely positively DONT exist in his world/life. He has a 10000000000000000x's better pretty SKINNY woman now,

povita 2330 days ago

On man - my worst nightmare. You're so brave!

NickVanessa48 2330 days ago

ewwwww I hate spiders. I would so scream. dont get bitten by one. Be careful Jess. Spiders are creepy.

benbusybee 2331 days ago

OMG! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I would have fleed the place screaming! I do not like spiders!!!!!

felicityabel 2331 days ago

here in Australia spiders bigger than this are part of everday life, you get used to them.