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Imperial Naginata

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1670 days ago

Imperial Naginata


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TheGaryToTheOak 1662 days ago

Hmmm,Nice look Cysero.

CyanAsif 1664 days ago

Very nice and goes well with the theme is really the best pole arm yet

Imabandaid2 1668 days ago

ummm i finished the competition and got rep and im rank 2 now cause i kept re battling the boss so where is the rep shop?

Krev_Production 1668 days ago

luv it

AQWorldsJAK 1669 days ago


Thehiddenfire 1669 days ago

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have waited for one of these to come out since beta XD naginata= greatest pole arm in existence!!

Commander_Doom 1669 days ago

cool about some armor pics ?

_Alethia 1670 days ago

Wow now this is good.I think this item is better looking than this one Well the dragon part is OK. Yeah the blade part isn't so good, make it longer and fiercer.

inmycontrol 1670 days ago

Some parts are dull(the dragon). scale of 1 to 10, 7. Whats up with the blade, it looks horrible

doomxdoom 1670 days ago

i like the basic concept but it looks like you can take of two of the ring at the end of the polearm and leave one one, also the blade of the polearm doesnt look aqw made like one of them said, and make it non-mem cuz we didnt get any non mem drops from t

Chaos_Crow 1670 days ago

it looks cool,but it looks like this will be the mem version

SkylineSV 1670 days ago

best of the ones you showed us. Looks like we're getting some new polearms. :D

JoshIcy 1670 days ago

Doesnt seem like it's AQW made o_O

kinzvlle 1670 days ago

aney wepons

AQWUser 1670 days ago

i like the red color in the center

ANAneychik 1670 days ago

The dragon is awesome but the gradients seem a little sketchy, who made these?

Brainfreez_AE 1670 days ago

sweet, and i also thank you for all the sneak peeks you and teh other staff gives us

Eonaleth 1670 days ago

Thanks for all weapon shots, C. The dragon reminds of the book seal from Neverending Story, maybe you should make it a double dragon.

Megacool50_AE 1670 days ago

OMG,that snake looks...snakey!Looks pretty neat.