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Imperial Kama

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1751 days ago

Imperial Kama


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TheGaryToTheOak 1742 days ago

You really find yourself sexy dont u?

CyanAsif 1744 days ago

Very Nice Weapon design i will be looking forward to get it

Krev_Production 1748 days ago

i wish we could get an armour like cysero's but in the part that sais it would say the first letter of our name

Krev_Production 1748 days ago


AQWorldsJAK 1749 days ago

wow cysero that looks sweet!
cant wait to get it:)

Dmcd6119 1749 days ago

it looks like thats a dino tooth strapped on it

Allanbow 1750 days ago

Looks cool, i would get it, i will use it only on light plated armors

Roger4313 1750 days ago

I just made twitter, don't actually know what it is but I'm folowing u guys :)

Robot_Tweets 1750 days ago

Eh, looks like a steak knife ._.

_Alethia 1750 days ago

yeah...the design is OK. I wouldn't get it though.But good work! :)

phantomangel1 1750 days ago

i want it

Chaos_Crow 1750 days ago

pretty cool but im no longer into ninja stuff

ANAneychik 1750 days ago

It's like me when I started off lol...

kinzvlle 1750 days ago

it to big for kama

symbioticpower 1750 days ago

I got it already

Brainfreez_AE 1750 days ago

ninjas dont have axes.... they have stealthy quik silent thinggs like a kama

Sir_Darky 1750 days ago


pedavisson 1750 days ago

How do you get it, how do you get it, how do you get it!!!!!

SirOctavius 1750 days ago

Wicked :P

Megacool50_AE 1750 days ago