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Yes this is really me, whatever that means. :)

It's like Dune here in Sydney. This is the giant dust storm we had to land in:

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2634 days ago

It's like Dune here in Sydney. This is the giant dust storm we had to land in:


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abbier0 2629 days ago

Yeah, I woke up to that the other day! It's crazy. My dog was playing out in the dust storm all day. She used to be white.. Now she has more of a browny, red tint about her..

inkedpony 2630 days ago

Holy crap, you landed in that? Where were the giant worms - airport security?

Jezzaj 2632 days ago

Just saw this pic on an ad for Channel 7 News

drz_artist 2633 days ago

That's F'n nuts man. Cool shot though, planet earth style.

msbadabing 2633 days ago

Puts meaning to 'wait till the dust settles' :O

lakegal66 2633 days ago

wow, awesome photo man, thanks for posting it .. surreal

xmefirstx 2633 days ago

Are the clubs in good order arj, not full of dust?

pinktank1 2634 days ago

WOW, & The World top 12 Goves say Humans arnt Screwing the World up, you wait some 1 will say this was Cow FARTS !

Taesh_Bee 2634 days ago

wow. yep, i woke up in that soup.

dreadpiratemick 2634 days ago


lou_ise7 2634 days ago

The entire sky outside our house was pure orange!

allystarzen 2634 days ago

Hey Arj,cant wait to see ya in Warragul, Melbourne am giving up my Monday night Pilates class...... WHICH I NEVER DO FOR ANYONE!

muzrala 2634 days ago

it's not just in Sydney it's in brisvegas as well. Australia's turning into the land from tank girl

thecliveshow 2634 days ago

that is such an awesome view! outside my window it looks like mars.

clates 2634 days ago

See what happens when you go to Australia, Arj? Everyone gets so excited they kick up all the dirt and dust and cause sandstorms.

thesecondgleam 2634 days ago

That looks like cloudy hot chocolate with marshmallows.

bunsenberna 2634 days ago

Best apocalyptic dust photo I've seen all day.

bitter_grace 2634 days ago

Awesome photo! I've only seen the news coverage - but this definitely outdoes that! I take it you were actually able to land :P

RichardHunt 2634 days ago

The floor is made of lava.

Ms_MotorbikeNut 2634 days ago

Great pic of the dust storm from above :-)