Alicia Keys


Light Bearing MOMMY!/Artist/songwriter/musician/producer/actress/activist/people person

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2070 days ago


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natashaemf 1922 days ago

KRudd :) GO AUSSIE!!!

rescobardurana 2007 days ago

dale chilito!!!!

michelleromily 2041 days ago

Hey ..she president of chile!!Michelle Bachelet I loved de pictures.........VIVA CHILE!!

Laly_byg 2056 days ago

is the president of chile!
my country

arjatesta 2063 days ago

go Rudd! Australia loves u;-)

renato_galvez 2068 days ago

We are all waiting for you here in Chile Alicia! much love

limpfest 2069 days ago


R0dger 2069 days ago

...What's this about then?

hvfc1979 2069 days ago

and its Prime Minister of Australia

Maty_Music 2069 days ago

no alicia, she is the president of my country, CHILE, Michelle Bachelet
:) mch love...

caritopamela 2069 days ago

yeap Alicia Chilean women are very proud to have a woman as president.I'm wondering when are you going to come??? Love your music and I can't wait to listening to it live. XOXOXOXO

FabricioAraya 2069 days ago

Yeah ! .. Ur president ¡¡¡ ..

.. More kisses from Chile Alicia .. We're waiting 4 U .. !!...


ariveiser 2069 days ago

there's no first lady in chile.. that's the president actually.

dizzyd114com 2069 days ago

Interesting photo!

PEACEOFTRUTH 2069 days ago

wow. but you know, something's rather scary when politicians and corporate heads are in a room together. Behind the scene it's probably a whole different story. "break em off with a little democracy, turn their whole culture to a mockery. Give em coca-col

juliotronica 2070 days ago

that is awesome. ur awesome!

MsDayK 2070 days ago

Angelina Jolie was there last year..:) I remember seeing her there must be great being there with the leaders

sigma4life86 2070 days ago

awesome Alicia

_Joeliza_ 2070 days ago

wooow!!!My President Michelle Bachelet :))) kisses Alicia from Chile