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1952 days ago


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lyxzwane 990 days ago

Nice Socks Cysero.....
NOTE:His Sock Is Found In Yulgar Newr The Chimney.................................

aqwkillssouls 1873 days ago

its thursly! how about putting "him"(or her) as a weapon in aqworlds?

aqwkillssouls 1882 days ago


SilverAlpha 1888 days ago

OMB its long

AliQeks 1922 days ago

awsome sock!

Uzaak 1933 days ago

Oke now. How does he know which is the left sock, and which is the right?

twilitsminonae 1936 days ago

were do you get your socks

CandiAQW 1942 days ago

i spy stick figures of xin and xang :3

TheGaryToTheOak 1942 days ago

Left Sock..........And A Pik f AiNoMiko,Nice,I Suppose.

werwynn123 1944 days ago

people are hacking to get your stuff on aqworldsyou have to stop them but one people i know is black knit21

_Alethia 1950 days ago

*brings out the laundry machine* hehheehehe

_Alethia 1950 days ago

Looks like it needs to go to the wash. HEHE >;D

Chaos_Crow 1950 days ago

left sock huh? btw how do you exactly know which side a sock belongs to

Allanbow 1951 days ago

wow thats the famous left sock?

KarpousiAE 1951 days ago

Is the green part strechty? Also is that a rough (lol) scetch of princess miko? (is it actualy ai no miko's npc?)

AQW_Serpente 1951 days ago

So that's the mighty sock...........When you washed it last time *cover's nose*

Megacool50_AE 1951 days ago

That is a hugeeeeeeeee sock...

DageTheEvil 1951 days ago

WoW thats a loooooong ass sock cysero >.> i wear flip flops so i would never even dream of squeezing my foot through that tunnel of madness(long sock). btw nice concept art hahaha

AQWUser 1951 days ago

you got report papers for new zones o.o

DrewDudez 1951 days ago

The sock is mightier than the paper? Move out of the way scissors, there's a new paper owning sherrif in town! =p