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Fans fussing at the game so she moved her seats, awesome fight

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2206 days ago

Fans fussing at the game so she moved her seats, awesome fight


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themoondontcare 2150 days ago

second dude from the left is staring right atchu.... haha

erock1111 2205 days ago

chad. i was called by a couple of my friends telling me there was a pic of me at the game under your twitter. email me other pics if you have them. i just you sent you the previous message about her being nuts. my email is thanks fo

erock1111 2205 days ago

chad, i am the one on the left. she was nuts. it was tough to not do something stupid. great game. it was fun and it would be nice to have you in mia.

davemorbley 2205 days ago

Those r some shitty seats I thought u was rich man lol

beaglerb 2205 days ago

damn she's hot why didnt you get her number for me

glenihan 2205 days ago

Geez, what a frickin hydrogen balloon.

sportsfanzach1 2205 days ago

tht lady was pissed lol!! the man got ejected after u left

sportsfanzach1 2205 days ago

hey ocho sitting next to u at da game 1 row back to ur right just wanted to say gl kiss da baby!!! got u on fantasy. u comin back for any other games

RyanLSchmidt 2205 days ago

Ocho, she could play on your offensive line.

BRIANCMERRITT 2206 days ago

damn, if she caught you, she would lay ur ass out! You like em thick

souljalb 2206 days ago

Chad is a real ass dude..Knows he can be in the Sky box..Choose to sit with the fans...Real shit right there

KattyGirlOak 2206 days ago

puhahaha... that's hella funny... i would sneak and take a pic like this too.

513Mama 2206 days ago

Damn Estaban Tiger Woods was on the Phins sideline, u shoulda gota a better seat wit Mr. Wade.

blockcity18 2206 days ago

Chad u have absolutely no biz sittin up there wit those musty ass crowds....wassup wit dat? U have all the money in da world 2 seat whetever u want....hell u can even sit at the dog house!

1badtrini19 2206 days ago

Dude ur better than the espn reporters lmmepo

Itsupport505 2206 days ago

Catch dimes form C Plam, Slam dimes for all over the world, split the up rights on and off the field, and kick it in the nose bleeds... YOUR MY HERO!

danheinz 2206 days ago

that's a nice stadium, I saw cubs game there. anywhere you can see a baseball game with air conditioning is awesome

KevinTranz 2206 days ago

Dude that's an ugly crowd haha

txpennylane 2206 days ago

Do those guys know who you are, or is it like the mall?

Mz_soundwave 2206 days ago

haha... wow