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chixieme 1563 days ago

Aaaah, I know this book hahaha

KaylaGartner13 1611 days ago

oh...thats....weird... =/

Neon_Garbage 1661 days ago

Aaaah reminds me of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies :3 haha

lyssacaughtfire 1864 days ago

I saw that @ Barnes & Noble the other day...should've bought it!

PumpkinLalaland 1960 days ago

haha that's awesome. I liKe tHAT

PumpkinLalaland 1960 days ago

haha that's awesome. I liKe tHAT

CarolineBeatle 1960 days ago

hahaa xD i just read Pride&Prejudice and Zombies :B amazing!

damusicvijo 2038 days ago

I almost bought this the other day, no joke. but I picked up a copy of Wicked instead. I'm just a sucker for the Wizard of Oz, I guess.

The0rasmussen 2039 days ago

Ohhh... Cool. My sister bought pride prejuice and zombies for a friend of hers.

letsflyflyfly 2042 days ago

Why? :|

Grinch_Girl 2043 days ago

this is a good book, ^_^
makes me laugh the monster looks like the doctor Zobier

A4Anxiety_ 2043 days ago

everyones reading pride and prehudice and zombies, i bought both and im reading sense and sensibility and sea monstrs right now :3

slugoon 2044 days ago

Hahaha I read Pride Prejudice and Zombies and now i'm going to read this one. My mom sells all of those books where she works...

rockabovelove96 2045 days ago

i'm reading pride prejudice and zombies right now!!!! i thought about that one, but i havn't bought it yet

MySandyRomance 2047 days ago

hmm i guess im gonna read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies lol

ChemicalXMels 2048 days ago

A Cthulhu! XD

kurosachia 2051 days ago

Haha, I've read The Pride and Prejudice and Zombies one. - It's pretty good. Ninjas, zombies, bloody battle scenes, and a few pictures for those who want a mental image.

pattywaylee_mcr 2058 days ago

so good

Isil_ 2058 days ago

Cool :-).

NyxDuChasseur 2059 days ago

david jones :o