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Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, GHOSTS/FIFA. Solving world problems with love for all women. Employed by @CBSSports & @MTLAlouettes

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1827 days ago


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FatShawn 1820 days ago

the man knows what hes doing just chill !!!!!!!!!!! he can see right there, dont need to lay down a few G's just to see the game on the side line cuz there you cant see shit.

doug_beyond 1825 days ago

why is everyone hating on my hero chad ochocinco's seats?????

kent45fb 1826 days ago

Good game

nicapapi0808 1826 days ago

Was up with dem ship ass seat bro

jong81 1827 days ago

did any of the fans harrass you at all?!

Crad2004 1827 days ago

They couldn't get you better seats my man? I bet you'll hook us up for the Pitt game right! Esteban you da man

jobantum 1827 days ago

Nice seats. But i hate stadiums that cover the baseball field for football. Your thoughts?

zX6rRiDa 1827 days ago

Must be nice to be where ever you want to be... Go Colts!

9two85 1827 days ago

feels good n there with the fans dont it!!ill be n san diego!!help me w a little $ if ud im n phx..

orangestreak 1827 days ago

Nice! You should've bought that Bengals Cheesehead hat off that guy and wore it there!

slkmagnificent 1827 days ago

chad did u drive cuz u said it was raining and dang thts a long drive if u did?? but wow did anyone notice u i guss u r 2

chipndale24 1827 days ago

Nose bleeds? In the endzone? Child please! How nasty is peyton to dallas clark? U should go to the colts!

SalukiJ 1827 days ago

Ochocinco and Tiger Woods at the same game, Tiger on sidelines, Ocho in the seats. If you EVER wanted a reason to respect Ocho this is it!

MIMI_229 1827 days ago

Didn't know you from Dade County? Nice pic!

Tim_Hensley 1827 days ago

Man can't you get seats on the 50? What are you doing in back of the endzone?!

DouglasAngle 1827 days ago

sitting with the regular crowd, Chad Ochocinco is a man of the people!

WhoDey_0985 1827 days ago

WHo Dey all the way 2009!

DJROCK123 1827 days ago

didnt have enogh football yesterday

Slash316 1827 days ago

That would be a blast to be at that game right now. Having a great time?

WhoDey_0985 1827 days ago

If i was that guy right in front of him and looked back i would flip! lol