Bam Margera


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2474 days ago


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BikiniModel_Tif 2257 days ago

LOL that'd be me...laughing at other ppls stupidity. Like the saying goes...Its all fun and games till some1 gets hurt...THEN ITS HILARIOUS.

EddieHamill 2317 days ago

Lmao the story about this on radio bam was too funny :L BORING :L:L

Cawley96 2352 days ago

OOOPS BAM laughing in the background LMAO

MzCheeze427 2364 days ago

Haha I jus noticed bam laughing in the backround! Lmao

Jay__Tobias 2456 days ago

haha, When he was going on that stretcher, He said "Im going to the hospital?...Booooooring. hahahahah

Estranged13 2456 days ago

The lol is directed at Bam's laughing in the background.

Estranged13 2456 days ago


Masscha 2465 days ago

Love the pink quad

ElleBelle1993 2466 days ago

lmao my god are you laughing??!!

ElleBelle1993 2466 days ago

jesus christ man thats gotta hurt! lol i c what the other guy ment bout the boner!

bradaus 2468 days ago

wow that's bad

winterstoocold 2471 days ago

still breaking bones nd raising hell as always. VIVA LA BAM FTW!

petercoffin 2471 days ago

I hate to be the jackass that points out that he looks like he has a boner, but... I am.

seaphilo 2473 days ago

Your cops in WC rock a VA state trooper look. Hope the victim is going to be all right.

monica_k 2473 days ago

this is brilliant

mustangm6 2473 days ago

thats so messed up

PrimaDunna 2473 days ago

Aww omg
is he alright? Bam are you laughing??

AddzyDJ 2474 days ago

thats gotta suck!...was the tree ok

ahtnemas 2474 days ago

sadist... look who's lauging in the back haha. Great imitation of ozzy osbourne though...

MustangMan2003 2474 days ago

Damn man thats shitty omg so what got messed up worse his face or the ATV