Kristin Chenoweth


We sing because we can't speak anymore.

Woke up w no migraine and my bff

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2474 days ago

Woke up w no migraine and my bff


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sugar4586 2448 days ago

Sooo happy you're feeling better! This was a while ago... But I have to point out this is my new favorite picture of you. You are my idol!

EmilyRowekamp 2465 days ago

Kristin you're so awesome!! Congratualtions on your Emmy!! PS I'm going to see you for the second time when you come to Cincinnati in November! I'm so excited!!

russinne 2469 days ago

Howdy Ms. Chenoweth. Glad you are feeling better and you had bff to take care of you. Have loved following your career since '02 when I heard you on Prairie Home. You're a delightful and very talented happy for your success. Paul

thigy 2469 days ago

I had migraine today- certainly sympathize. U were great on Letterman- loved your Emmy dress!

purseanality 2472 days ago

Thanks for making us Oklahoma girls proud the other night with being real... woo hooo

harveyharv 2472 days ago

on this day in 1846 Johann Galle discovered of the planet Pluto ..

Reese_Mimi 2473 days ago

Ah! That is adorable. Best frinds are the best meds. You Emmy speech made me laugh and cry! Can't wait to see you next week on Glee! Congrats

wickedcoolmom 2473 days ago

Glad you are feeling better darlin. Congrats on the Emmy.. you deserve it!!! Come to Atlanta soon. I have a very special girl whose dream it is to meet you.

Chrislrobbins 2473 days ago

Feel better! Congratulations! Come to San Francisco!

pellmelody 2473 days ago

SO thankful you're feeling better!!

maldk 2474 days ago

You're both beautiful! Congrats again on your win, Kristin! You were absolutely the most adorable thing ever during your acceptance speech. I was so happy for you that I shared some tears as well.. I love you.

jbentley2 2474 days ago

Ahh, the triumphant Emmy winner and her trusty sidekick. You are both adorable - with or without make-up. And your brows look GREAT.

xxSaloxx 2474 days ago

glad you're feeling better and Congragulations for winning. u r so talented!

jldubs15 2474 days ago

Congrats on the Emmy win, my fellow OCU(er)! We here are all proud of you.

LindseyBop 2474 days ago

i love you.

hootyholler 2474 days ago

ERIN DILLY AND KRISTIN! YAY!!!! I love it! you're both STUNNING even without makeup!!!! Congrats on your emmy sistaaahh!!!

randysmith72 2474 days ago

Congratulations on the Emmy...loved the show. God bless-come see us in Atlanta sometime.

thebitterhero 2474 days ago

Go party now for you win! I felt weepy when i saw ur acceptance speech. so rooting for you.

amyroxy93 2474 days ago

Congragulations on the Emmy Kristin! God you are so freakin adorable :) I love you so much. I can't wait to meet you one day. Is this your friend Erin?

thigy 2474 days ago

My new kitten, Olive Snook, celebrates with you! Pushing Daisies Rocks!