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Actor, writer and singer of (number one) songs...

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2014 days ago


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Fi_Fi_B 2013 days ago


onlynic 2014 days ago

I had them on my tree, it's like is eating the leaves - i just cut the leaves off last year and this year no red blobs.

gingerwizarduk 2014 days ago

dont think you will lose it altogether,if you cut away the affected branches now and destroy a.s.a.p,you may well salvage it.

chavvysam 2014 days ago


sheilascoular 2014 days ago

Looks like something out of Dr Who. Be very careful as they might explode and take over your body.

TorontoViewer 2014 days ago

I'm pretty sure it's Pear Leaf Rust. Try googling that & see if it gives you any ideas. Cheers

sweara 2014 days ago

Pear Trellis Rust. A very dull answer but that's what it looks like :-(

Edamr 2014 days ago

Looks like a terrifying nipple.

jackstow 2014 days ago

Body Snatchers, that was that is, gotta be -

loracenna 2014 days ago

I think its possibly pear tree trellis rust -

Ali_Gory 2014 days ago

eww, your pear tree has got genital warts!

mayclem72 2014 days ago

theyre known as 'WILTY Warts' also found on the underside of Lee Mack! :P

stubeedoo 2014 days ago

aliens! Ruuuuuuuuun