Matthew Hasselbeck


It's called Twittah where I'm from.

Going to be alright. Thx to staff at Stanford and Dr. McAdam for snapping this photo.

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2674 days ago

Going to be alright. Thx to staff at Stanford and Dr. McAdam for snapping this photo.


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toddfrog07 2671 days ago

He looks broke to me :)

binford900 2673 days ago

Matt, I am a season ticket holder and a huge fan of yours. You look great this year and we really need you. your the heart of this team.hurry back

rodneydl64 2673 days ago


sgtfootball 2673 days ago

Dude, gotta quit going head first with those Backers! Especially the Willis' of the NFL! Body getting older fast! Love the guts though. Make the next head first be a Touchdown or a 1st down!

idiosyncratic 2673 days ago

fingers crossed for a speedy recovery! take care!

Ribir22 2673 days ago

Hey heavy breathing...while recouping, it hurts like hell.
Get better soon, Rick in Vancouver, BC,

larryadavies 2673 days ago

Get well soon, This is the Seahawks year! I admire your toughness trying to get into the end zone!!!!

letsgo49ers 2674 days ago

You should have slid feet first, only person to blame is yourself.

letsgo49ers 2674 days ago

WOOOO 9ers rule! Nice KO shot by Willis, maybe you will slide next time...

jjcutt 2674 days ago

Dude, you are a trooper and a great leader. Get well soon!

ehostetler 2674 days ago

You need to slap your brother. He not only wished for you to throw six picks he then said on national TV he hoped you got hurt so his fantasy team would win. Hope he's feeling like a total douche bag now...It did work out for me though... I'm a niner fan.

tjhawks08 2674 days ago

Nasty HIT !!When I saw you on the sideline with the staff !! Dam I thought there goes the 2009 season!! We are praying for you !! 12th MAN Wisconsin!!Wishing you a speedy recovery !! # 8 Rocks !!

cericwinters 2674 days ago

Get well soon Matt!

erikkloth 2674 days ago

Appreciate the effort to score!! Don't do it again!!! Get better, take it easy. It is a long season and Wallace can hold down the fort until you are ready.

RescueRover1 2674 days ago

Get well soon, Matt! The team is not the same without you!

djstephaniebell 2674 days ago

now that we know it was your ribs, i can totally understand the face you made on the field. i thought you were gonna throw up! get well!!

raze_ 2674 days ago

Hope you heal quickly, we need your toughness back on the field, Seneca is no Hasselbeck... and slap that defense while your at it :)

rodneydl64 2674 days ago

hay matthew I am so happy you are going to be ok. get well soon I need you for my fantasy team. it ok if you need a week or 2 weeks off I know you love football and are the best player and go seahawks rodney form the tri-citys was

teeboned 2674 days ago

Rest up Matt.

rygellner 2674 days ago

Almost got us 6.... LOVE the guts man you Layed it on the line, and we all appreciate that. Now, get well... we need you!