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Can you see the light??!!  CAN YOU SEE THE LIGHT??!!

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2475 days ago

Can you see the light??!! CAN YOU SEE THE LIGHT??!!


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Lodizhka 2457 days ago

hahaha, cool pic, I'm almost blinded by your inner shine)))

rlr718 2470 days ago

Channeling lady gaga from the VMAs?

Lawless64 2475 days ago

I see funny people(Muttley laugh).

joannemcmahon13 2475 days ago

You look like the sun baby from the tella tubbies!!! Love it!!

captainlatte 2475 days ago

Does JJ know about this effect? Could come in handy on his next Trek ...

plm3010 2475 days ago

Of course.. Your smile is so lightning!!!

Tiki_Kiki26 2475 days ago

Hah! I just choked on my soda a bit from laughing. Good times. :)

A5J4DX 2475 days ago


BillJordan13 2475 days ago

Kind of reminds me of a Teletubbie. LMAO

bluemonker 2475 days ago

LOL Zoom bursts are fun aren't they?

ivanhaynes 2475 days ago

dam thats freaky, was that done in Photo Booth?

spookylilli 2475 days ago

hahaha rofl, this is one fucked up amazing picture! laughed so hard, I think I ripped open my stitches. (didn't know that was possible o.O)

perfectlyjaeded 2475 days ago


Raptorine 2475 days ago

...hello god.

misselke 2475 days ago

Is that what your aura looks like?

Lovett35 2475 days ago

Ha! Ha! Behold the Awesumness

indiejimbo 2475 days ago

JESUS! thats all kinds of "out there" lol

thejelloemperor 2475 days ago

For some reason I feel like I must buy all the season of Heroes on DVD...

StephMooneyham 2475 days ago

Imagine how fascinating and scary this would be if one were on acid.

Lalapisani 2475 days ago

Yes! xD