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1777 days ago


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Sylarsgirl23 1775 days ago

haha! i think that one thats on the edge is being pushed! XD

JenSciFi 1776 days ago

quick that one's trying to get away.

NokoMarie 1776 days ago

Have they not heard George Carlin's riff on never eating anything blue?

MistyCunningham 1776 days ago

Funny, that's what it looks like when my cat finds my Domo. Except the cat wins. He's big and toothy.

evilches 1776 days ago

LMAO!!!! What a "cute" slaughter!!!

entropygoddess 1777 days ago

Oh, the Smurfanity!

aBailey23 1777 days ago

thoes poor, poor, smurf's, (sniff) they did'nt even stand a chance!

nonnymouse_ 1777 days ago

Smurf slaughter!!

gloomcookie613 1777 days ago


lewis1350 1777 days ago

poor smurfs!

Merennulli 1777 days ago

Gargamel's ultimate revenge :o

CriticalPax 1777 days ago

Ok the one trying to escape is my favorite

crabby117 1777 days ago

Like yummy blueberry pancakes...

RustyRadio 1777 days ago

OMG thats amazing. Sofia, check this picture out.

BreeLundberg 1777 days ago

The smurfs didn't stand a chance.

Cordelya 1777 days ago

ZOMG carnage!