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this is an unusual abnormality of the spine. what do you think is going on here? clue: look closely at the bottom of spine.

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2416 days ago

this is an unusual abnormality of the spine. what do you think is going on here? clue: look closely at the bottom of spine.


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victorosh 2404 days ago

there's total displacement of the sacrum, probably trauma related?

Dr_Tarzain 2411 days ago


occurs when there is a weakining of the IV disk from improper closure of the neural tube and the vertebral bodies are completely closed, that is known as spinabifida occulta but if the l4 or l5 vertebrae slip and fracture it is known as

spondylitis 2412 days ago

Ankylosing Spondylitis? Looks fused...

royabraham 2413 days ago

spondyloptosis L5 S1

bill_wilgus 2413 days ago

I agree with titeyogarunner and say it is spina bifida. I have spondylosis and the disks would be close together, herniated.

binovc 2414 days ago

Birth defect....A third thumb?

binovc 2414 days ago

Birth defect....a third thumb?

BornBipolar 2415 days ago

Is it just me or does the bottom right portion look like a penis??

tricki11 2415 days ago


jasdevsawhney 2415 days ago

Chronic spondylolisthesis (grade 3) L5/S1. Been there for some time...and it is not a sudden fracture (though there has to be "chronic fracture at a congenital weak spot" at both pars)and...it is not Ankylosing Spondylitis...See a Spinal surgeon.

wintabet 2415 days ago

Betlehem Semahge's spine...spinal tb complications:)

nevergiveupblog 2416 days ago

In laymen's terms, it looks extremely painful.

ylp79 2416 days ago


LindaHARealtor 2416 days ago

Looks like trouble to me. Spondyloptosis? Painful.

asuedew 2416 days ago

the back bone looks broken and have lodged up against the other bone or the bigger bone has grown irregular

shruthi_archana 2416 days ago

undeveloped tail,,,,,,,,,or lumdar bone........sacrum in not visible i guess

titeyogarunner 2416 days ago

spina bifida?

Vixxen1013 2416 days ago

I am at least positve this is a sagittal image of CAT scan of the Lumbar Spine. I would love to see the axial and coronal views as well.

Vixxen1013 2416 days ago

Severe Subluxation of L5-S1 due to DDD (degenerative disc disease) with osteophyte formation on the endplates due to osteoarthritis? :D

Athemynnus 2416 days ago

Looks like a excessive lordosis (saddleback)