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Good times..pedialyte on ice instead of champagne :)

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2744 days ago

Good times..pedialyte on ice instead of champagne :)


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JoannePust 2731 days ago

This is also good AFTER the champagne :)

bambiieyz 2739 days ago

What a great little idea! Yum!

redsoxmom2009 2741 days ago

Love ur style..when will your clothing line be available?

jdbaker30 2741 days ago

Rachel-I just caught you on the view and you looked amazing. Where did you get your tights? I would love to have those:) Thanks!!

WONKAFBBY 2743 days ago


mach520 2743 days ago

hope you feel better !!

lovely_Jules 2744 days ago

It's soooo cute!! Always u r very chic, but somtimes u r so cute like a lovely girl:)

malloryelisa 2744 days ago

Aww. i hope you aren't sick! another good idea is drinking carnation instant breakfast. especially when you're sick. lots of vitamins!! =]

adorevintagecom 2744 days ago

Oh my goodness I didn't know they had Pedialyte in these fun containers!

peachjello 2744 days ago

Grab some cashmere & cuddle up :) Hope you feel better soon!

blondeshel 2744 days ago

sumbuddy not feezzin to goob todaze. Too much action leads to crappy reaction...hope you feel good soon. This time EAT bananas

madisonavekid 2744 days ago

too much fashion week it happens hope u feel better!!!

Glenda_JB 2744 days ago

Well of all places to be sick, you picked New York. Wear gloves like the past, were women wore them to limit contacting germs during the winter.

cat_cyrier 2744 days ago

i hope that you feel better!

NateErickson 2744 days ago