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bass player of the rock group, my chemical romance

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The0rasmussen 2406 days ago

Dudes that is not a rocky movie, and what is so great about stallone anyway??? He dosent mean shit to me!!! The only movie with him in i like is... Ehhh... I havent seen a full movie with him in!!! Only seen parts of some movies and a clip of rambo 4

thecoffeeismine 2421 days ago

I used to be in love with the boy in this movie. hehe

Isil_ 2427 days ago

WTF? lol

mcrmy769 2434 days ago

one of the best Stallone movies of all time

JilsGates 2438 days ago

wowo Stalloneeeeeee,grande uomo

ddritzenhein 2439 days ago

That is one of the best Stallone movies ever

mcrmy769 2441 days ago

THE BEST MOVIE EVER. Stallone is amazing. His movies are my favorite

thanx4venom 2442 days ago

Over the Top is not a Rocky film, dipshits.

TemporaryWounds 2442 days ago

Whoo, I got first comment on the copy of this photo that he posted xD

Grinch_Girl 2442 days ago

jakajakajakajakj geek :D

Geena_Chan 2443 days ago

oh, no.. :O

assylahodreal 2443 days ago

ooooooh. i've watched this movie. and it's so freaking cool! haha!

white_violin 2443 days ago

blue ray. wow.

bassylover 2443 days ago

ROCKY!!!!! :D i saw lots of Rocky movies, they're pretty awesome.

vikiero 2443 days ago


LMAS101 2443 days ago

ROCKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! "sigh" I have seen this film toooooooo many times ;)

LittleArsonist 2443 days ago

haha! i've seen this movie maybe a thousand times! loool

CaptiveHeart 2444 days ago

"ADRIAN!" *eyeroll*

Adriana_Kristy 2444 days ago


CantonHeroine 2444 days ago

I always loved the montage where they showed the championships and some dude had his arm broken. SNAP!