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2444 days ago


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LYLYLYj 2434 days ago

Natalie and her attitude, begging, whining, sleeping in Kev's New Hoodie & cooking & playing games in it, etc. etc, is just one of the many reasons ppl disliked her. She acted like a spoiled immature brat. She lied n said she was 18 but acted more like 8.

jennco93 2444 days ago

Haha! They need their zzz's cause once they're in the real world they'll be to busy to sleep.

tiea_aeon 2444 days ago

...sunk if 1 of the lying floaters wins.2 bad Jordan doesn't know that if she takes gNataLIE w/her,she'd win,cuz the HGs now hate her...according to few clips they showed us,the jury likes Kev's "game".

tiea_aeon 2444 days ago

#BB11=Year They Slept 18 Hours A Day! *rolls eyes* What a way 2 get ready 4 the finale! 1st Chima blows chance of life time,then 2 floaters make it 2 finals,this year SUCKS!I may not watch it ever again if Jordan doesn't win!It'd just show how deep its su

SandyDante 2444 days ago

Natalie slept with Kevin's jacket/hoodie on? Is she going to give it back to him I wonder?

lisalaunius 2444 days ago

Maybe next show they need to put them on a set schedule.

mszkandi 2444 days ago

I guess they are not thinking about who's going to win.... #BB11

blondeshel 2444 days ago

Well at least NataLIE isn't talking. Beauty sleep?