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maryser 2355 days ago

BTW, V sux

maryser 2355 days ago

51.327629, -0.5616088 = +51° 19' 39.46", -0° 33' 41.79"; corner of Kettlewell Hill & Woodham Rd, Woking, UK

dedsetmad 2401 days ago


RonakBhagdev 2420 days ago

Google Earth/map's 5th Birthday on 27th october?

torchofaz 2422 days ago

What about 10^100? Any news? How can one help more than everyone on earth? By helping all in the universe by helping all on earth to evolve to the next level.

mattgreening 2422 days ago

hehe "Don't be Evil"

maitaijim 2423 days ago

hmm.. wonder if 10-11-01 has anything to do with this. palindrome dates. stab + dark

TheShaeDee 2424 days ago

Is Google going to start funding SETI? or are they going to start a similar program?

Merlinhoot 2424 days ago

I'm listening to Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds music to commemorate it. One of the songs is called "Horsell Common and the Heat Ray" TheWaroftheWorlds.com

P4n0sgr 2424 days ago

51.327629, -0.5616088 add those in google earth "moon view" and you will see sth like a HUGE ufo!!!

P4n0sgr 2424 days ago

again ufos??? why???

Rethnea 2424 days ago

Google is in tune with the universe :) You can see an excellent documentary on crop circles at http://bit.ly/OIwTY

astrogarden 2424 days ago

????????????? Not related to MV

getHalfBreed 2424 days ago

Ya'll are retarded... this is just to hype people up to go see "Pandorum" or "The Fourth Kind". It's called viral marketing...similar to what JJ Abrams did with "Cloverfield".

getHalfBreed 2424 days ago

Y'all are retarded...they are simply building hype for that stupid movie "Pandorum" or "The Fouth Kind". It's called viral marketing, similar to what Cloverfield did.

5mentario 2424 days ago

It´s something strange but I think they are doing this just to tell us about an aliens attack but totally fake.Why? It´s the only kind of war that should gather humannity so that "they" be able to run ONE WORLD GOVERMENT.This is all about New World Order.

Richard_Strand 2424 days ago

You can see a crop circle on Google maps at that location: http://bit.ly/10LKNe

TheOnlyDosage 2424 days ago

what shows up at those co ordinance

milaniliev 2424 days ago

WIkipedia: Horsell in Surrey is an ancient (pre-Domesday Book) village nearby to the more modern 19th. century Woking, probably best known because of its association with the story The War of the Worlds, written by H.G. Wells.

timb171 2424 days ago

looks like it relates to HG well war of the worlds, horsell is where the first ufo landed.