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bass player of the rock group, my chemical romance

To lighten the somber mood, here's piggys giant head

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2019 days ago

To lighten the somber mood, here's piggys giant head


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ClaudeVaneedeny 1488 days ago

mail me at: chacklaywhont (at.) hotmail.com i got sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

maiietchegoyen 1490 days ago

black and cute! :3

IsengardWeeps 1546 days ago

Oh my god want.

KaylaGartner13 1554 days ago

aww! haha puppehs r so cute =]

reflecmonster_x 1919 days ago

really cute =)

reflecmonster_x 1919 days ago


holly12j 1991 days ago

i wanna hug it so cute

CocaineDryTears 1992 days ago

is verry cute

evajuspeczyk 1995 days ago

Puppy!!!! can I have him?? sil vous plait ;]

candiiiiice 2003 days ago

and boy is it huge ^^, ♥♥

Revenge218 2006 days ago


ChemicalBulletS 2007 days ago

Piglet equalz lov xD haha she cool and so cute ^^

worryrock 2007 days ago

aw! she's so huggly(? :) i would die if i saw her when she was still a baby.. ♥

rivaroxx 2007 days ago

one of the cutest giant heads ever

Alize_Nk 2009 days ago

I love your dog.......

FlamingPriest 2010 days ago

I feel sorry for that dog.

guitar_gurl1995 2011 days ago

she's soooo cutee!

GabbyGrusome666 2012 days ago

AWWWW piggy^^ he looks so adorable with his muffin nose. he just made my day. i want him

hellotianna 2013 days ago

awwwww shes so adorable! :]
that totally made my day

sparkles2080 2014 days ago

omg theres this guy at my skl who looks EXACTLY like mikey minus 10 years