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spriggsjt 2508 days ago


LycraLouter 2508 days ago

Class. Nice one :P

gpjersey 2509 days ago

I think cycling weekly should pick up on this. Who dies he think he is some silverspoon clarkson? What he really is is a menace. How do people like that become marginally famous?

Mr_1470 2509 days ago

This man should not just apologise, but must be made to understand what he's done wrong. Sorry is 2 easy.

Mr_1470 2509 days ago

Suggest you also leave firm but polite comments at http://bit.ly/9q7xr & http://bit.ly/yipN5

loweswaterdavid 2509 days ago

Class! Next few days should be fun, what a wanker.

janh1 2509 days ago

Thank you. Thank you. This is both sweet and clever.

chriswilkinson9 2509 days ago

Payback, love it! :)

Flabberjab 2509 days ago

haaa! quality mate =D lets hope all this get big publicity and he has to apologize publicly.

Rykie5 2509 days ago

Dude, you rule! :-)

jsmarrero 2509 days ago

Douche Squared! Let's put him on some 700x23's and see how he feels.

RobertMutch 2509 days ago

fantastic! PMSL!

challengeannika 2509 days ago


mrharm 2509 days ago

That's just brilliant.

Devoniain 2509 days ago

Loving it.