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2450 days ago


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tranytf 1793 days ago

BEST BOOK EVER! Maybe not best but AWESOME!

khoojessica 2056 days ago

I (use to) love this book! :P

profilenic 2297 days ago

Whoa! I remember this! My cousin introduced me to the comic about a decade ago.. Hehe.. I used to really like reading them.

YoMomma101 2298 days ago

Omg i use to read this book years ago XD
i love these books

Venorica 2416 days ago

I only read one of them. It's really nice! :)

MrWahzzle 2443 days ago

Yep that is the book I checked out back in elementary and my teacher would get mad at me haha

softbudget 2449 days ago

LMAO, my fav..kinda forgot bout it though, until you brought it up.

bbqdeluxe 2449 days ago

Yeahhhh!!! Those books are so funny and awesome! I read them from like 1st - 4th grade. Haha good times.

Aley_B 2449 days ago

omg i loved that series when i was in the first grade. i owned like 3 of them. my sister loved the series too. i guesseveryone had pretty much read the series.

lilaznoreo 2449 days ago

OMG! I still remember Captain Underpants, I used to read them all the time. I have the collection!

mega_truong 2449 days ago

never read it :( maybe it's 'cause i wasn't born here

sandraea115 2449 days ago

Lol I have the box set

leesa246 2449 days ago

yes!!! I still have them too, and I'm almost 21 hahahah

purpletuce 2449 days ago

have the cover framed =D, (everyone is a bit weird in their own way) :P

bluelollypops 2449 days ago

me and my siblings read the whole series at least twice.

VietVendetta 2449 days ago

yesh i read those all the time

LacshanaK 2449 days ago

no matter how many i read, i could never get the two kids names. it always confused me.

SweetVendetta 2449 days ago

OMG yes! i remember them. I would read them all the time. i owned them too. ^^

susiechoi 2449 days ago

aahhaha i have this on my bookshelf.

Y8N9 2449 days ago

Read them in both English and Thai. lol. Gotta say the Thai ones are funnier.