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I came. I saw. I tweeted.

Just a night at the theater...

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2570 days ago

Just a night at the theater...


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alyssachaeXP 2563 days ago

gotta love theater nachos.... the bow ties are classy

ichbinlynton 2565 days ago

VERY nice clothing choice, most appropriate...!! What were you seeing, 'An Inspector Calls'?!!

raaymacs 2567 days ago

lmfao. ya fruit looop. (:

Anna_Car 2568 days ago

lol..you guys are hilarious! :)

m3ax 2569 days ago

it IS a wtf photo

iloveraiinydays 2569 days ago

hahaa logan and dean you guys are amazing :]

fe_sfreitas 2569 days ago

like i sad before, you´re just mine haha

twabigail 2569 days ago

what lovely charlie chaplin chaps!

AnnaBellaMalone 2569 days ago

How old is that??

SweetSktl 2570 days ago

lol :)

kaylaaaiscool 2570 days ago

I just laughed really hard at this. XD

cammamii 2570 days ago

hahaha niiice. you guys look very smexy.

Jamokablamo 2570 days ago

so this is the picture...^_^
im assuming you went to see your own movie lol

all you need are some fake mustaches and you guys would be charlie chaplin clones lol

xgabbygx 2570 days ago

Hahaha cause its totaly normal to dress like that at a theater? haha u guys are way cute though(:

naslie 2570 days ago

Dean :) he looks so young.

Oapie 2570 days ago

quite hilarious haha!

tillatilly 2570 days ago

what did you see?

emmaVBB 2570 days ago

HAH oh my