Randi Rhodes


Where is a giant rock when you need it?

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2511 days ago

Where is a giant rock when you need it?


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geepcee61 2510 days ago

That is just freaking sick

Me2750 2511 days ago


lisamiamoore 2511 days ago

Every time I see something like this, I fall deeper into despair. I am making an appointment with my tax attorney tomorrow to decide whether I should default on my house or use the majority of my retirement 401 K the debt from my son's medical bills--and

BillGibson3 2511 days ago

Whoa Randi! Someone put that flyer under an unsuspecting motorist's windshield in some hellish parking lot! Not necessarily the stinking motorist's fault! That said, I share your pain.

cinbee 2511 days ago

Truly despicable. So scary that these people have let themselves be dumbed-down to this level. Maybe if they got off their meds/drugs/alcohol and began to think for themselves...they might begin to know how they've been played with by greedy power-monge

Fishlady4459 2511 days ago

You know what ya do, leave a "comment" (ahem) on their passenger-side rear-view mirror. I usually leave sticky-papers, but be creative :-)

kadunnaz 2511 days ago

Just another reminder, these stupid people are really nasty. At this point, that should come as no surprise.

Trepp 2511 days ago

did you get the license plate number?

Boyntonspur 2511 days ago

We all agree with the first ammendment,but sometimes!