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Mr. Moron comes to Washington with a sign.

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1809 days ago

Mr. Moron comes to Washington with a sign.


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scootndenver 1807 days ago

- but that makes too much sense ...

LADONATE 1808 days ago

This tea party rally is our empirical proof that the hardcore supporters, the center of the republican party are ill-formed, misguided, irrationally nescient white conservative bigots!!!!

Paying2Play 1808 days ago

CONTEST: What is that thing around Homer's neck? A toaster? An instamatic camera? An oxygen generator? A colostomy bag? What?

Paying2Play 1808 days ago

You'll notice all the caricatures are "beige-savages". Sign held by a fat white-guy in a Hawaiian shirt. AARP meets the Klan!

Me2750 1808 days ago

That is so tame in comparison to the signs that you Liberal freaks used to display at anti-Bush ralleys.And you know it.

flightdecker 1808 days ago

Sad but typical for the right (and he VOTES too)

Fishlady4459 1809 days ago

Stay classy, GOP

rtyson82 1809 days ago

Of course that makes sense, because Obama had that intelligence report entitled "Bin ladin Determined to Strike in US" and yet stayed on vacation...oh wait!