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This is why I avoid Cincinnati! (Randi's Producer)

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2151 days ago

This is why I avoid Cincinnati! (Randi's Producer)


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SickupandFed 2146 days ago

I live in that information black hole.

I wish I could say that it's just a few. It's not. Remember this is one of the few places bush could come in his last months and still raise money. Oy.

scootndenver 2149 days ago

yep - sure looks like a "million" - plus to me ...

LADONATE 2149 days ago

The racist import of referring to President Obama, a black man, as "boy" as in "Don't touch my dough boy!" is so conspicuous so as make unnecessary any further explication

mlewis78 2151 days ago

These people look as if they need healthcare.

itamra 2151 days ago

Boy? They look so normal, as in if saw on street wouldn't know either was a misguided uneducated moron. But they are now thankfully outnumbered. Next generation will all but phase them out.

Claricei 2151 days ago

aha! true conservatards! ty for sharing

darkflame470 2151 days ago

Wait until you are one of the Billionaires.