This is just photoshop.  I'm really in Vegas.

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2536 days ago

This is just photoshop. I'm really in Vegas.


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ZenGrouch 2535 days ago

Over the centuries, I'll bet there are about a million abandoned baseballs in that yard.

ZenGrouch 2535 days ago

Fence around the 14th century castle of Vlad the de Virginizer...

mysticmaverick 2535 days ago

Isn't that the Paris hotel Eiffel Tower? Please don't pull a and impale yourself on that fence.

ve2vfd 2536 days ago

Hope you enjoy visiting La Ville Lumiere Mr Teller!

23Tressa 2536 days ago

That is a really nice picture (with multiple nice phallic symbols).

TaysLadybug 2536 days ago

"Mysteries of Magic," in which he appeared for an interview, as himself, without Penn. When they met Teller was teaching Latin at a HS Near Trenton NJ

TaysLadybug 2536 days ago

David08g I have to add to Brigitt121's post If you know Anything about Penn & Teller you'd know Despite his trademark of never speaking, Teller has appeared in speaking roles in several films and television shows, including The Learning Channel's "Mysteri

NSResponder 2536 days ago

Of course you're in vegas! They have an Eiffel tower there, too.

Foreveroffshore 2536 days ago

Good genes or good surgeons?

crippledalbino 2536 days ago

I think you're allowed to get a little closer than that to the Eiffel Tower.

Brigitte121 2536 days ago

Well, Mister David08g, unless you're making a joke there, I can assure you this aforementioned gentleman here is no deaf mute, unless someone in his vicinity is a real goddamn good ventriloquist.

david08g 2536 days ago

You lie like a rug everyone know you can't speak of photo fucking shop deaf mutes can't Photoshop !

mandydax 2536 days ago

It's misdirection. Teller is there, but that fence is 'shopped. I can tell b/c of the pixels.

Brigitte121 2536 days ago

I believe it.

crazymadjo 2536 days ago

Amazing job. You look JUST LIKE that guy from Penn & Teller.

HeroHans 2536 days ago

So that's what is replacing the Star Trek experience at the Hilton.

Blackbird_2 2536 days ago

So THAT'S how you do it : )

LisaBunnie 2536 days ago

Its Romantic photoshopping.

evilmcwoo 2536 days ago

If this is real time, how is it so bright?? It is pitch dark here!!! Very pretty.

jurismorte 2536 days ago

That's some damn fine photoshopping, Mr. Teller! :-)