Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2688 days ago


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SaraSpizarks 2540 days ago

No matter what, you three guys have been through a lot together. Memories you'll never forget.

morganxxbeauty 2547 days ago

you can't blame me though. your so awesome!

morganxxbeauty 2547 days ago

zak i know this is kinda obsessive but i have like 5 pics of you in my binder. today i was going somewhere and my bff dee (she's a huge fan of you too) was looking at my binder and i was like "Dee, dont let anyone harm him!"

sportiegirl3320 2570 days ago

i love ur lips lol

raymster_k 2596 days ago

you look amazing

tweeterhannah 2611 days ago

Is that a fake tan or alot of make-up? Just wondering....

lego_mego 2632 days ago

ha ha.. Aaron

jdnene 2654 days ago

lmao! are ya ready for the insane catwalk? XD

emilygurl0 2677 days ago

very handsome zak!!! aaron ur funny. nick ur a cutie=).

blueraven420 2678 days ago

cheers to the sexiest paranormal investigator in the world!

ThinkArticulate 2682 days ago

lol--Nick isnt even paying attention. Zak should smile more!..or make funny faces like Aaron, lol.

its_Roux 2683 days ago

uh... Goodwin just seen a ghostie..

bulldogmom112 2684 days ago

Are you ready for Weston, WV. Went there with the Ghost Hunters. Got great EVP's. lots for you to find in that place. Was there as a nursing student when patients were there. Have fun

pili74527 2685 days ago

I have that blush! It's amazing! On topic: Oh boys and their cell phones. When will Zachary post a new pic?

Vegas_Dreams 2685 days ago

someones had one to many coronas........:)

CB801 2685 days ago

Totally Hot!!!

tami_gac 2686 days ago

Was this during the cemetery ghost hunt they did after Scarefest closed for the night? I don't remember seeing ya'll dressed like that any other time.

NYCRedhead 2687 days ago

Oh, the silly 90's. Club Monaco's "Glaze". Zak is maybe a little more Malibu Barbie pink in this shot. Actually, there is a NARS color called, of all things, "Orgasm" that is spot-on -- a gorgeous "golden-pink" :)

zavalagurl1 2687 days ago

Hubba Hubba! Ha ha ha does anybody say that anymore?! I luv your faces Aaron!

EVALOVESGA 2687 days ago

zak, that pic is so hott!
aaron, i have no comment for you on this one!