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Writer for TV and stuff. Actor in things I write. Eater of many papayas. Lupus Warrior Princess. The Asian Whedon.

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@nathanfillion and @drhorrible

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1830 days ago



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villainlaugh 1724 days ago

Nathan looks like he is going to punch Neil...

onehotrobot 1827 days ago

Is this much sexiness allowed in one picture? I'll be in my bunk....

Mumlock 1828 days ago

Emmy Awards Suit Up!

camillekemp 1828 days ago

= Jed Whedon = Awesome.

tyna_x 1828 days ago

Neil and Nathan are gorgeous xD! I love thiss.

dawnsister 1828 days ago

What was that Dr. Horrible? I couldn't hear you over our WIN!

dawnsister 1828 days ago

I'm so sorry, what was that Captain Hammer? I couldn't hear over our WIN!

itsallajoke 1829 days ago

o my. EPIC indeed.

seligrin 1829 days ago

PhD in Horriblness ^_^

Laurapintas 1829 days ago

I don't have any words to this photo! Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris in the photo???IT'S A DREAM!!! Congratulations guys!!!!

Lover_of_Sushi 1829 days ago

i would have plenty of sex with both of these menz!

LadySprite 1829 days ago

This photo is so full of win! :)

yellowstark 1830 days ago

Congrats :)

Cirap 1830 days ago

congrats on the Emmy! I remeber watching this earlier this year. actually how I got into The Guild as well

afreytes 1830 days ago

babyshakira87 1830 days ago

it's EPIC! and congrats to all!

nwjerseyliz 1830 days ago

So cool! Thanks for the sharing the photo & the moment. Congratulations to you all.

KaylaJ24 1830 days ago

Fangirls everywhere just let out a giant squee! Thanks for the adorable picture, and congrats! You guys deserved it.

littlesev 1830 days ago

!@#$%^!!!!!! Neil, if only you tweet too. . . ;]

tm1956 1830 days ago

that's just too cool .. congrats again !!