Mikey Way


bass player of the rock group, my chemical romance

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chixieme 2168 days ago


MCRrocksxD 2538 days ago

Pop-tart fail x]

RiddleOfRevenge 2637 days ago


iamkaew 2649 days ago

awesomeness. we were eating the rasberry flavoured ones in science

duckoink 2650 days ago

hehe i would so buy

SCRATCHDOUGH 2650 days ago

still cant stop laughing to this

lorriza_ 2652 days ago


swallowcandy 2658 days ago

Pop Tards are my favorite ;)

firearnok 2659 days ago

Ummm this is kind of awesome! XD

SkittlezCrazi96 2660 days ago

haha!! wow.. dats funny!! = D

FlamingPriest 2664 days ago

I don't think I've ever had a pop-tart. I live in England. *massive fail*

MayOrtiz 2666 days ago

laughomg so much it hurting!!!

candiiiiice 2666 days ago

lmao wow..i used to put fuck and retarded in a "single" word fuck-tards and this is IT! lmaoo!!

abloodymess 2668 days ago

i can't stop laughing XD why is it so effing hilarious!!?

kevinmoran27 2669 days ago

RT: lol i love those things

B_Bloodsucker 2669 days ago

AHAHAH so, I'm in school. and This made my day 1000x better XD

worryrock 2670 days ago

its cool that at least one person (you) enter to that shitty pages.. they love you mikey! so do i ^^

AKAnger 2670 days ago

mcrmy769 2671 days ago


Alize_Nk 2672 days ago

they when to the school right???........no??, jajaja I see