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im just a man with the gift of song. my music is one small step for me, one giant leap for all wierdkind

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apple pie and vma tickets, mmmm ???? lol ehhh

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1779 days ago

apple pie and vma tickets, mmmm ???? lol ehhh


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YEAHkilluminati 1411 days ago

illuminati puppet false prophet!!!

TajReese 1551 days ago

Who Knew That Guy That Liked Apple Pies at McDonalds? 1.2.3.

MeeshWasHere 1779 days ago

stole the words right out of my mouth lol i feel robbed of my stan moment

xfranchize 1779 days ago

i hit her up to say whattup she say "the sky"
i say what's good she say "mcdonald's applepie"

MF_JIGJAM 1779 days ago

love the BAPE G-Shock Cudder

GVSPRD 1779 days ago

duuuuuuude i have that gshock tooooo! i bet u i have more than u CudI!!!!

mikeybuzz 1779 days ago

damn another ticket? killed it last night at MSG....mad hyped on stage

Josh_Spector 1779 days ago

i want that gshock bad

1meeks 1779 days ago

I say was good she say mcdonalds apple pie!!! Hahha "waisting my minutes"

reallyjavi 1779 days ago

Sweet ! Cant wait for the album.

FraNcis_M_H 1779 days ago

damn just gotta craving for some of them pies!

eddieanthony 1779 days ago

Dope Bape G-Shock. You should hook me up with one, mannn

angelicaap 1779 days ago

Take me there!

MsAngelaAshley3 1779 days ago

nice...and love the watch, sooo r u still wearing a disguise at the vma's??

VeeVisions 1779 days ago

#MustBeNice DO YOU CUDI!!! KEEP MAKIN EM SAY.... lol

Cleve_me_alone 1779 days ago

u forget to mention the flii as bape g-shock

OhVon 1779 days ago

eh. lol. nice watch lol.

CharlieKim93 1779 days ago

good shit

MLDolla 1779 days ago

Yo fam you git it in wit the micky Ds lol

noahVofficial 1779 days ago

& a bape g shock