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Teabaggers vs Obama Inaug - HT @KagroX @wfpman @kombiz #912dc #tcot #p2

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2643 days ago

Teabaggers vs Obama Inaug - HT #912dc #tcot #p2


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magstheaxe 2628 days ago

The crowd size was estimated to be about 75,000 people. There were more people than that in Tuscaloosa the next day watching the Crimson Tide play Florida International University, whoever the hell that is. That crowd could all sit in the Rose Bowl and ha

winginit49 2643 days ago

True picture of 9/12

winginit49 2643 days ago

At least the National Mall is clean today! Not like after the coronation of "the one"

winginit49 2643 days ago

Funny how the pic on the right was taken from the other end of the mall! Nice try!

kisauren 2643 days ago

actually, you can get an idea from the aerial view from the inauguration. Also, the space right in front of the Capitol are all chairs with aisles. People standing shoulder to shoulder would be packed in a lot tighter. And of course, the shot isn't eve

TruthfulTweets 2643 days ago

Ha ha! You should post one which shows Obama's current approval rating with the inauguration picture. That's even funnier!

MadDawggMorgan 2643 days ago

Nice try but then of course reality #tcot

PeterRisman 2643 days ago

at this point, republicans are a party of under-educated southerners. a definite fringe group.

devans00 2643 days ago

Hahahahaha, physical proof teabirthers are a fringe. Don't speak for many Americans.

hmarty 2643 days ago

not really a fair comparison since the photo on the right is a much tighter shot of the Washington monument.

ravenlore 2643 days ago

Thank you for some much-needed perspective!

fourthlaker 2643 days ago

Great shots! Thanks.

altakocker 2643 days ago