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I can't stop.

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1764 days ago

I can't stop.


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Omega192 1763 days ago

ah, yes you are correct. that was my bad. but either way, they never proposed America to be "one nation under god"

pratie9 1763 days ago

You couldn't plumb the depths of their ignorance

LongHallOwl 1763 days ago

Is that Det. John Munch from Law & Order?

MooseShady 1763 days ago

Lose some weight, Woman!

DnvnQuinn 1763 days ago

the founding fathers were actually Deist, not atheists. Doesn't matter either way, because they were proponents of a severe separation of Church and State.

bastique 1763 days ago

Wait, I can't tell, is she pro-ACLU or anti? Because that sounds like a group I'd love to be a member of!

dragonfly310 1763 days ago

Hey Dingbat, it's the ACLU who helps defend your right to display that offensive sign in public.

marceriksen 1764 days ago

The ACLU supports your right to free speech. Oh, and so does the non-profit organization.

Omega192 1764 days ago

and i misspelled *atheist. oops.

Omega192 1764 days ago

almost all the founding fathers were athiests... "The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason." -Benjamin Franklin

BenjaminDavis_ 1764 days ago

Since they are SO against health care reform, I say we not allow anyone of them to have the ability to be on medicare or any other government program once they turn 65. Let them go it alone!!

liberalrants 1764 days ago

Glad their not my neighbors. ugggggghhhhhhh

lycanpedia 1764 days ago

Hey I am an atheist, liberal, maybe undesirable to her (She is to me). 3 out of 4 is not bad!