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2641 days ago

More DC pictures


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thepoliticalcat 2638 days ago

Good grief. Do these people have any idea what the word "progressive" means? Who the true mainstays of the progressive movement are? They're either insane or pig ignorant stupid.

TheSmocker 2639 days ago

The time and money it cost these people to have this "Tea Party", (the buses, hotel stays, breakfasts, lunches, & dinners, etc. oh, and I forgot the day(s) off from work) could have been donated to their local soup kitchens. I am sure these pictures have

Swinefeld 2640 days ago

It's funny how the Reich-Wingers used to love Hitler, now they're trying to pass him off as a "progressive" because it's become politically convenient. But these photos are proof of why we should never let these people back in the political discourse in

Bakari45 2641 days ago

Thank you for taking these photos. It's good to have proof of how mentally backwards some people in this country have become.