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Craziest one yet

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2084 days ago

Craziest one yet


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babyboomer1960 2076 days ago

Once again, the "tolerant liberals" show their true colors in commenting on this picture. Attack the messenger (and anyone who agrees with them) to distract from the message. Oldest play in their tired, tired playbook...

thepoliticalcat 2082 days ago

And this is a professionally produced sign. This is the best they can do? Ad hominem attacks? Slander, libel, insults, gratuitous (and completely unhinged) coupling of various "scary" things captioned with words that make no sense? Good grief!

thepoliticalcat 2082 days ago

For those concerned with the Eugenics argument: take one look at these marching morons and tell me that the Nazi Party would not have euthanized or sterilized them en masse. They all look like they belong in the bottom third of the IQ ratings. If that.

smartalek1 2082 days ago

Or maybe you just don't care about Osama since W let him go free?)
You just go right back to sleep. The Daddy party will watch over you & make sure that nasty ol' boogey-man won't get you.

smartalek1 2082 days ago

& all other tools of the Publicans:
Wow -- a triple-threat: Joker, Hitler, and Obama all at once. (Can't believe you left out the Islamofascists. What, you couldn't find a picture of bin Laden on intertubes? Or maybe you just don't care about

muzzbear 2083 days ago

Eugenics is the study of, or belief in, the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (

TheSmocker 2083 days ago

Eugenics is something they made up to try to sound intelligent. Looks like she bought new sneakers for the trip. The only thing she omitted is that she receives the public healthcare plan and wants to keep it for herself--medicare. If it's so bad and sh

pratie9 2083 days ago

Wow! Three syllable words, already!

MooseShady 2083 days ago

What's a "Eugenics"?

Omega192 2084 days ago

nice picture, i have one of my own

BenjaminDavis_ 2084 days ago

These crazies scare me. To think that we ever allowed the people they vote for to EVER run our nation is beyond me!

liberalrants 2084 days ago

wow these are the gop followers glad Im liberal

babyboomer1960 2084 days ago

Fabulous photo, BTW!! ;-)

babyboomer1960 2084 days ago

Boy, when you offend the progressives, they sure hurl out some abusive comments. I guess the truth kinda' sets some folks off, huh? What was that again about how the left is sooooo tolerant of diverse opinion?

MilesGrant 2084 days ago

How many different slogans can you pack on one sign? Maybe if he had his arms folded with "OBEY" underneath?