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1777 days ago


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TLockyer 1777 days ago

Come on, people: everyone knows you have to be careful of the Commie-Czars ...

KIMMIEnFL 1777 days ago

Hey you with the sign....well you didn't ask. Sigh...It's good to be a liberal

tcarroux 1777 days ago

Sad and frankly fuck them. I want more change, bring it on!

sissybild 1777 days ago

I wonder how Peter Sarsgaard feels about this.

tigerbeat 1777 days ago

Yes, they don't seem to realize how Bolshevik they sound when they rant against the Czars (though this guy just is oblivious to history)

RangerBystander 1777 days ago

Well no one said these folks are smart...

enovaradio 1777 days ago

SAVAGE CAPITALISM is getting sick the Planet

thecarie 1777 days ago

umm, didn't the communists take the czars out into the forest and shoot them? jr. high history class, please.

pokano 1777 days ago

Czars are rolling in their graves.

altakocker 1777 days ago

...and more evidence that white folks are dumber than black folks?