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1677 days ago


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IAMMGraham 1544 days ago

I'm trying to track down an original of this photo. Can you help? Thanks so much!

sicilianlover 1675 days ago

Great sign for Tea Parties! This makes it so much easier!

Ohms13 1675 days ago

Absolutely brilliant.

ruffedge 1676 days ago

Found this yesterday. This guy nailed it.

es1999 1676 days ago

CNN spent 30 minutes yesterday saying the 912 marchers were racists and that is the only reason.

robrrt 1676 days ago

Correct spelling and grammar too! Amazing! :)

jdubl 1676 days ago

kind a like being called anti-patriot, terrorist, un-american (shall I continue) for opposing $1 TRILLION war for sake of oil/war machine; $700 BILLION handout to Health Insurance/Paharma for Medicare Part D...oh and let's not forget FAILED Social Securit

Workmatic 1676 days ago

hey I didn't call any of you unamerican, but good luck with your broad stroked paint brush...

crystalyn49 1676 days ago

This sign says it all...They play the race card too much..It isn't working anymore

diggersstory 1677 days ago

Failed #media lost many viewers. Great sign that expresses how disappointed a diversified audience sees #msnbc #cbs #nbc ....

IloiloKano 1677 days ago

Obviously, he's a racist. See? He's white.

chrisjefferson 1677 days ago

That sign drinks awesome sauce!

SkagitIMS 1677 days ago

Sad but necessary to say. On 20 Jan. 2009, voted McCain-Palin but proud that Barack Obama broke the colour barrier.

DanDraney 1677 days ago

Great sign. It's funny because it's so true, which also makes it sad.

mom2giqm 1677 days ago

No doubt! Awesome sign!

MotherRedDog 1677 days ago

OMG I'm stealing this idea. This is toooo funny.

mooseandskwerl 1677 days ago

Great sign -- You betcha!

daynakurtz 1677 days ago

lord. that's what we lefties used to say about our antiwar marches. gosh, i wonder if the media will under report this big story. cept your lot used to call us unamerican. it's really really fun to be on the other side of this. enjoy your marginalized

indy4america 1677 days ago

So true!

AtmaJyotiBlog 1677 days ago

Will the media acknowledge that anyone showed up in D.C.?