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Secret Doors are being discovered all over Battleon, that lead to BattleUnder!

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2484 days ago

Secret Doors are being discovered all over Battleon, that lead to BattleUnder!


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x1x2x3x_AE 2439 days ago

GOOD!!! i will try that, theres a portal at aria's pet shop too

Dmcd6119 2483 days ago

I found all of them that one you just have to click on the top row of books at the magic shop

Pink__Robot 2483 days ago

it's a MAGIC SHOP...i believe that provides an adequite reason not to fall...

icelord839 2484 days ago

good job

popcorn7778 2484 days ago

theres a boss

Allanbow 2484 days ago

How come u can walk on the carpet if theres a hole

khari1397 2484 days ago

dang i wiishi could do it but i waz hacked and i dont wanna makke another acc :( random

WeenAFK 2484 days ago

Click on the top row of books!

Crystal_Lion 2484 days ago

Wait,how do you open the carpet?

Aqwnaruto7890 2484 days ago

lol cool =D

Legnave_FEZero 2484 days ago

um, idk 8 or 9

kalretrous 2484 days ago

what time? 0-o i must see!!! >.>

Legnave_FEZero 2484 days ago

speaking of which, 300 is premiering today on TV

kalretrous 2484 days ago

:P it happens

Cysero 2484 days ago

AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice! *high five* why didn't I see that?

kalretrous 2484 days ago

/e goes behind cysero.... hey C *cysero huh wha?!?!... *me... THIS IS SPARTA!!!!! O:< *C ... 0-o

AQWorldsFreak 2484 days ago

*kicks Warlic down to see how far the drop is...* Uh-oh... That's a long way down.

Jet1991 2484 days ago

so warlic knew all this time and didnt tell heroes like us get the axe!

Cysero 2484 days ago

magic, dur.

inmycontrol 2484 days ago

Why didnt we fall under the carpet in the first place?