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im just a man with the gift of song. my music is one small step for me, one giant leap for all wierdkind

my seat at the vma's

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2269 days ago

my seat at the vma's


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MF_JIGJAM 2267 days ago

The VMA's are tomorrow in the greatest city.

Irvin88 2267 days ago

My 2 favorite artist. That's what's up cudi. Hopefully in the near future, you guys work on a track. That would be dope.

MLDolla 2267 days ago

look like a mug shot lol

BombDiggs 2268 days ago

lol, cute. right in front of ne-yo. can't wait to watch tomorrow. but also can't wait til tuesday for the album!!!!! i've been waiting all summer:)

gidsweetness 2268 days ago

Hello cudiston. Quick it true u will be performing at a club in the city tomorrow?

ValleyInTheDoll 2268 days ago

You are sitting in front of ne-yo!?!... Lol ok.

datnewboi8 2268 days ago

LOL! u luk high az FUCK IN DAT PIC! hahahahahahahahah

gsinger11 2268 days ago

more like they have neyo sittin behind cudi

1meeks 2268 days ago

Awww that's awesome!!! Congrats!

T0_Bee 2268 days ago

looks like a mugshot

BreezyTaughtMe 2268 days ago

in front of Ne-Yo = maddd dopeness! i'm jealous. haa! & is rite...where that smile at?

richiedigital 2268 days ago

right at the edge in case u gotta use the bathroom

shleighlarae 2268 days ago

ahhhh!! thats sooo coool duuudeee :D

chauie 2268 days ago

nice.. can i be your seat filler? :)

RimiTheOne 2268 days ago

Pretty sick man

msmartinezjones 2268 days ago

That's crazy!!!

kylefell 2268 days ago

say hi to neyo for me (;

alawris 2268 days ago

lol cool.

mihdel 2268 days ago

wow!you deserve it..congrats:D

BreezyFashion24 2268 days ago

yeooo they put u in a aisle seat so u can get ur award cudder!!! watch