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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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2122 days ago


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KirstyOr 1939 days ago

Woah! teeny tiny headed Manalow!!

KittenQueen 2035 days ago

Barry looks like Rod Stewart in my opinion haha

Chaucersfridge 2038 days ago

Oh so are you a Barry Fanalo?

ravey_davey 2072 days ago

Jamie T what a legend

orangeneon 2074 days ago

manalow the botox faced twat id blockign my view of brandon (L) x)

DaisyPeatfinger 2105 days ago

Oh Barry, Barry, what have you done!

xbeckz 2108 days ago

Lmao a lesbian with cancer? Thats so wrong...haha

EmzyLB 2108 days ago

Im glad im not the only one that thinks Barry looks like a cross between a lesbian and kermit the frog.

louisharris 2119 days ago

I'm sorry but Barry Manilow looks likes a lesbian with cancer!

pentax_paul 2120 days ago

The Question is can Manilow have his skin streched any further, got to admit Wossy your the smartest thereas far as the blokes concerned, Eva has it though

donnalittler 2120 days ago

What a disappointing show! Barry Manilow should have retired years ago while he still looked vaguely human, Eva was as boring as watching paint dry and the musical act whoever he was was just utter rubbish. I am finding the shows really inconsistent with

jeanie11111 2121 days ago

hi !!! loved eva she looked amazing ... and loved your exercise machine !! so funny as always love u love the show xx carol

cdscds 2121 days ago

Another Great show to watch, Alan Was Great. P.s I want one of them hip swinging machines, PMP watching

M4rky71 2121 days ago

Oh, it´s Kermit the Frog in a suit again!

madonlfc 2121 days ago

your nose is very similar to Manilow's Wossy

Ronat 2121 days ago

Great piccie-L to R-needs to learn showmanship, Wossy looks great in any hair, The Man ageing great but needs to go back to blond hair and white suits, Eva looks brill, and AD is...AD..

rainbow64 2121 days ago

Barry Manilow lookes really freaky. toooooo much plastic surgery me thinks!!!!

jungtheforeman 2121 days ago

Can't quite believe Wossy made that crack about Manilow's fans not having their original hips when Baz has had his replaced...ouch!

wickdaman 2121 days ago

That's a nice pic! :)

Jimweez 2121 days ago

That allen sure does get about, lol!! Nice shot of you all there, we'll done that snapper!;,~